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Oct 3, 2012 11:30pm EDT
uncovered voter fraud. the group election integrity maryland claims it found evidence that some people registered to vote using the names of dead people or registered to vote twice. the group says it's not accusing the state board of elections, but the problems need to be corrected. >> maryland governor, martin o'malley, is endorsing a plan. the increase would be for utility companies to plan to speed up reliability projects. john hanrahan has more on the governor's plan. >> pepco's problems existed for years. but in the last two years with snowmegeddon and hurricane irene, then the surprise storm, reconnection efforts were particularly slow. pepco promised to spend more on hardening the grid, but given the utility's record, the public service commission allowed only a limited rate hike for the electric company. a 130 page report from a governor's task force concluded that utility efforts are still falling short. >> an electric grid that served well in the storm events is not a grid that is reliable in the more violent and frequent storms that we have now. >> o'malley estimates $1 to $
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
obama was elected president there was electricity in the air. since then almost four years i think this is the next best thing really. it's been quite a night here. >> earlier we were talking about all the fans still inside. from your perspective does it look like almost everyone has cleared out now heading home? >> reporter: pretty much. duane, show them these folks. this is one of the employee exits. you've got some folks who work the game who bought some merchandise. they're dancing thumbs up hanging out having a good time. really most of the fans have made it home, but just the folks who worked here. how you doing, okay? yeah, near good. it's been a heck of -- they're good. it's within a heck of a night and we're seeing a lot of people who work here leaving with shopping bags with shirts and hats. >> bob barnard, thank you so much for giving us the perspective outside there with the fans. speaking of fans, our facebook fans overwhelmed with excitement now that the nats clinched the division title, many leaving congratulatory messages on our wall. we invite you to go to our my f
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
prove critical to the outcome of the election. >>> the gay marriage fight goes viral in maryland thanks to a scathing editorial and a psa from an nfl player. >> i'm ravens center matt birk. marriage is not easy. marriage is and should remain between a man and a woman. >> ravens center matt birk declared his position in an online ad after he wrote an editorial in the minnesota star tribune. his response is one month after his teammaker voiced his support for gay marriage. >> i'm a linebacker for the baltimore ravens. i believe we should be doing everything we can to make maryland families stronger which is why i support marriage for gay and lesbian couples who want to make a lifetime commitment to each other. >> he defended the right to stand against gay marriage and said the two get along fund. later this month governor martin o'malley will attend a fundraiser with him to support gay marriage. >>> still ahead. >> it's frustrating, it really is frustrating. >> gas prices skyrocket and now some west coast gas stations have been forced to shut down. >> see this? a 5-gallon bucket full of s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3